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February 3, 2018

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Bishop’s Committee Meeting: Highlights from meeting January 21, 2018: Building Manager Rick Hudson’s report indicated that Lyle has cleaned the roofs and gutters. Those who helped with the pre-Christmas work party were thanked. Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported that December expenses were increased due to Outreach Fund distributions, but for the year, income exceeded expenses. People’s Warden Jean Perry said that it is time to make recommendations for the Bishop’s Cross Award. Liz Rosenthal will offer a presentation on her trip to the Holy Land at a potluck on February 4. Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street presented a car removal plan. The Bishop’s Committee unanimously authorized the Bishop’s Warden to execute a contract with Jim’s Northgate Towing to remove vehicles abandoned in our parking lot. They also unanimously authorized Hayden to communicate with the City of Shoreline regarding abandoned vehicles on Meridian Avenue bordering our premises to be taken care of by the city. The 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda as presented and Action Plan as amended were accepted unanimously. Nomination of Joan Voute and Peggy Hudson to 3-year terms on the Bishop’s Committee was approved unanimously, as were the nominations for Diocesan Convention of Scott Baker as Delegate and Hayden Street as Alternate, and Barbara Baker as Delegate and Maureen Lyons as Alternate. Ministries and upcoming events were reviewed. The Vicar has appointed Tessa Machle as Clerk for 2018. Dates for Bishop’s Committee meetings will be decided at the February meeting. Thanks! To Jan Trowbridge, Clerk, and Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden

Annual Meeting: Highlights from meeting January 28, 2018: The annual meeting was preceded by a lovely brunch, following the 9 AM joint service. Vicar Jerry Hanna led us in prayer to start the meeting. Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street welcomed us and thanked all who provided the brunch. Rick Hudson circulated the church directory for updates. Clerk Jan Trowbridge read the minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting. They were accepted unanimously as read, and Jan was thanked for her 7 years of service as Clerk. Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported a $12,420 surplus due to extra pledge money, Jerry’s clients, and extra money from the AA groups. We spent more than our budget, but the surplus income covered the extra expenses. We contributed $15,022 in donations. The budget for 2018 was presented and accepted unanimously. Hayden thanked Edith Byington and Jan Trowbridge for their three years’ service on the Bishop’s Committee. Joan Voute and Peggy Hudson were nominated to serve as their replacements. They were elected by acclamation. The Vicar continued appointments of Rose Thygesen as Treasurer, Hayden Street as Bishop’s Warden, and Rick Hudson as Facilities Manager. He appointed Tessa Machle to serve as Clerk. By acclamation, Barbara Baker (filling out Edith Byington’s term as Female Delegate) and Maureen Lyons (Female Alternate) were elected to one-year terms to represent us at Diocesan Convention. Scott Baker (Male Delegate) and Hayden Street (Male Alternate) were elected to two-year terms to represent us at Convention. This may be the last year of discerning delegates by gender. Hayden reviewed our accomplishments in 2017 and presented an Action Plan for 2018. During discussion of the Action Plan, two motions were passed by acclamation: 1) that we include Ronald Commons Support as a program in the Action Plan, and 2) that Saint David Emmanuel provide a donation to the Seattle Urban League in honor of Edwin Pratt in an amount to be determined by the Bishop’s Committee at the end of the year when outreach funds are decided upon. Rick Hudson, Building Manager, reported that goals for the year were accomplished except for removal of the “green pile” near the garden, which he intends to remove in 2018. Maureen Lyons reported that the new lights in the kitchen are nice but make it clear that the kitchen still needs attention. The Bishop’s Committee will consider refurbishing the kitchen. Money has been donated by the AA groups for some new chairs. Maureen and Rose will look into what is available. Deacon Kay Kessel Hanna reported that she accompanied Bishop Rickel on five visits to parishes in the diocese in the past year: three visits were Sunday Bishop’s Visitations, and two were for celebration of new ministries. Vicar Jerry Hanna encouraged us to think about how we take care of our spirits as well as our bodies in 2018. If we have concerns, he asked us to come to him with them as there will be significant changes next year just as there have been this year. Thanks to Tessa Machle for her idea and production of the thank you poster that will grace our wall for weeks to come so all can read and continue to add thank you notes. Vicar Jerry led us in the Lord’s Prayer to close the meeting. Full meeting minutes will be posted in the parish hall. – Thanks! to Jan Trowbridge, Clerk.

Dates to remember:
Sunday mornings: 8:00 Rite I, 10:00 Rite II, coffee hour following
Monday evenings: Bible study at 7:30 PM in the parish hall
Meditation 6:30 PM in Jerry’s office
1st Sun. each month: Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission
3rd Sun. each month: Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM at the parish hall
Fr. Jerry is available for appointments or to make home visits Fridays 9 AM – 5 PM. His office hours are Wednesday noon to 7 PM. For an appointment, please call the church office at 206 362-2565.

Special Events:
Sunday, February 4: Potluck and presentation by Liz Rosenthal on her trip to the Holy Land, 5-7 PM
Tuesday, February 13: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, 5 to 7 PM
Wednesday, February 14: Ash Wednesday services at 12 noon and 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 25: Palm Sunday procession at 9:45 AM
Thursday, March 29: Maundy Thursday service at 7:30 PM
Friday, March 30: Good Friday services at 12 noon and 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 31: Holy Saturday service at 1 PM
Sunday, April 1: Easter Sunday one service at 9 AM

From the Vicar:
Dearly Beloved,
Jesus speaks mysteries directly, like, “The time has come, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Turn your life around and believe this good news.” And then, “Come after me, and I will make you to become fishers of humans.” I like those words. I like their immense challenge. Why would I or anyone follow him? To become? Well, the fisher folk will imagine net for nearness and death of the humans embraced. Or maybe you are a wizard at cakes that melt in your mouth. Then Jesus will make you a confectionary for humans, to offer the fat and the sweet. Or if you are a gambler, Jesus will make you a gambler for men, hinting at odds on what would enrich their souls with the mind of heaven. Or a midwife for humans, for what the midwife does. Or a teacher, or a trapper, or a trencher – what ever you know and do, most and best, for your meaning in life, Jesus will use that for his blessing to flow through. “Come after me….” If we are following Jesus, we are doing so to have what gives most meaning to our lives, to be used for his purpose of blessing. That’s pretty clear. That is what discipleship is about. Who you are, most actual where you are, showing how it is to follow Jesus.
I’m always uncomfortable with that. Uncomfortable because what goes along with it, this being on the path to what Jesus is. It gives a sign that, “The time has come, the Kingdom of God is at hand.” And we have all heard what he said about from whence the Kingdom dawns. Jesus was asked, “Where is the Kingdom?” He said, “Within you, in your hearts, and in the communion of your hearts.” The dawning of the Kingdom of God is within us, and the light goes forth from us, and we are making it at hand, following Jesus. Now that might begin to put a very big wrinkle in life style. Because it’s not so much a matter of what happens in the world. It is mostly about what happens in us, like some say, another birth.
There’s this, from the Gospel of John, about who we might be following: “In him is life, the life that enlightens all people. The light shines in darkness, and the darkness cannot contain it.”

Epiphany cake results!

This year, the lucky recipients of the Epiphany cake tokens were:
Ring: Tessa Machle Dime: Doug Machle
Cross: Maureen Lyons Anchor: Hayden Street Heart: Jim Perry Thimble: Alice Street

This will help to shape their work this year!


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