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  November 2, 2019

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– Peggy Hudson, editor


Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights from the October 20, 2019 meeting: Building Manager Rick Hudson reported that Scott Baker has cleaned the roof and put baking soda on it to retard moss growth. Scott also trimmed back tree limbs that were up against the church building.  Rick expressed thanks to Scott for all his hard work, and the Bishop’s Committee joined in those thanks.  Rick has hauled the limbs to the dump.  The Committee also discussed getting the locks changed and distributing keys to authorized users (who have completed the SafeChurch program.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen noted that there was nothing out of the ordinary in September.  She asked that an Outreach Committee, comprised of Maureen Lyons, Tessa Machle, Edith Byington and Rose be appointed to decide on giving for this year.  A motion to this effect was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  She described expenses for our representatives to Diocesan Convention, and the Committee moved, seconded and passed unanimously a motion to cover registration and food up to $200.  Rose said that she had not yet tacked the question of a landline for the church with potential internet connection, but it is on her list to complete before Dec. 1.  The Committee discussed replacement for our Sexton.  Hayden and Rose will work out a job description, and Rose and Peggy Hudson will search for possible cleaning services.  People’s Warden Jean Perry reported that the Profile Commtte was pleased  that the conversational meetings among the congregation on September 15 and 29 had gone well.   She noted that the report from HolyCow! Consultants was very positive.  The committee will meet in November to work on writing the profile for the church, which should be complete by February.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street reported that all AA groups have completed the SafeChurch Program and only a couple of individuals from our congregation still need to do so.  The Korean and Spanish churches also still need to comply with it.  The Diocesan Treasurer needed a copy of the final sales agreement for the property sale completed when St. David’s sold the southern part of its property, in order to take care of replacing in our DIF account funds related to the purchase of Vicar Jerry Hanna’s house years ago and its recent sale.  Rose has sent that to her. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to authorize Hayden to send a letter to both the Korean and Guatemalan congregations to inform them that by December 1, locks will change and all SafeChurch training must be completed. This will include a clergy background check, a hold harmless agreement, and a certificate of liability indicating insurance is in place with respect to sexual misconduct.   Thanks! To Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden, and Peggy Hudson, substitute clerk

***********************************************************************************                             Dates to remember:

Sunday mornings:       8:00 Rite I, 10:00 Rite II, coffee hour following

Monday evenings:      Bible study at 7:00 PM in the parish hall

Meditation 6:30 PM in Jerry’s office

1st Sun. each month:   Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:   Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM in Jerry’s office

Fr. Jerry is available for personal conferences.  Call Jerry anytime at 206 914-0831 to make an appointment for either Sunday or Wednesday.

Special Events 

November 3: Signup for contributions to ditty bags for Mission to Seafarers will be available

November 8 – 9: Diocesan Convention at the Lynnwood Convention Center

November 24: Thanksgiving potluck 5 – 7 PM with ditty bag stuffing

December 14: Christmas cleanup 1 to 4 PM

December 22: Potluck and Christmas decorating party 5 to 7 PM

December 24: Christmas Eve with Carols at 7 PM, Service at 7:30 PM (Note this earlier time agreed on at the January 2019 Bishop’s Committee meeting)

December 29: One service at 9 AM – Jerry’s last service and Farewell Potluck after service

January 1, 2020: Jerry’s Open House reception gathering 10 AM – 4 PM

Birthdays in November:

Nov. 1: Jonathan Thoms

Nov. 6: Maureen Lyons

Nov. 7: Austin Nowka-Keane

Nov. 10: Miriam Wilsen

Nov. 14: Liz Rosenthal

Nov. 22: Helen Congleton

Nov. 25: Jerry Hanna


From the Vicar:

Dearly Beloved,

Let’s look around. What do we see? Who looks like me and who doesn’t? I go to Target to get Aquaphor for Kay. I get Eucerin, instead, since the lady says it’s better. I make the wrong choice following the wrong person. I am nervous in the woman’s aisles of cosmetics, and I lose the edge of loyalty. Then I go to the checkout. A baby is whimpering in the aisle over. The cashier has her back to me, trying to make the baby smile. She confesses her distraction from her duties. I say, “We all do that, try to make the baby smile, whatever baby.” This portly millennial cashier and I, an old man, exhausted already from a morning’s picture making, meet in the desire to make babies smile. Where are the links?

Elmer now has credentials to be a prison chaplain. There are immigrants in jails. He wants to go and minister in prayer and encouragement with them. I tell him I visited jails in Colorado when we served there in Craig and Steamboat Springs. County jails, talking with car thieves, drunks without boundaries, murderers, mentally ill out of control parents. I know the space Elmer would enter into with and for the Gospel, the presence and truth of Jesus. We link in this, as I linked with prisoners at a level of human contact where there was no crime. In ministry, unlike law, cyber space, politics, and dogmatic religion, the humility, honesty and vulnerability provides a superior grade of information that unites rather than divides.

The generous and open heart is the substance of Christian identity. The Church is where we hear about the heart of Jesus. Jesus was not a Christian. Ministry does not arise, in and out of the Church, out of social, historical and religious identity. I do not minister from obligation for the sake of Christianity. Gospel ministry arises and is empowered by receiving and acting in the spacious of generous love, compassion and thus truth of the actual spiritual presence and gifting of Jesus. If I feel the complete intimacy and emotional force of the present, living, and actual fact of the crucifixion of Jesus, all boundaries between myself and the heart of his Father dissolve. By that gift awareness passes through the categories of crime, ethnicity, religious and social diversity to perceive the human person loved without condition by Jesus’ death on the cross. The great initiation into that grace is to be born a human being. Jesus baptizing us in the Holy Spirit awakens us to our place in his love.



Vicar Search News:  The congregation held a potluck to join together and hear about the results of the HolyCow! Consultation from our consultant from the Diocese, Paula Franck, on the evening of October 20.  The results were very positive, and our committee will be continuing to work to create our church’s profile, using the information everyone is providing to us.  After the profile is created, we will be able to move to the actual search for our new vicar.  The Profile Committee consists of Jean Perry (Chair), Barbara Baker, Peggy Hudson, Tessa Machle, and Nancy Treibel.                                                                       – Peggy Hudson

From Jean Perry:  PLEASE do not bring more tea bags to church.  We have 18 boxes of various teas and 6 of them are unopened.   Thank you.

Training for Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People:

November 9: Safeguarding God’s Children, 10 AM – 12 PM; also Safeguarding God’s People 1 PM to 4 PM at St. Paul Seattle, 15 Roy Street, Seattle; contact Emily Tweedie at

November 10: Safeguarding God’s People, 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, Redeemer, Kenmore, 6210 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA; contact Mary Nilsen at

November 16: Safeguarding God’s People, 12 PM – 3 PM, St. Thomas, Medina, 8398 NE 12th St, Medina, WA; contact Natalie Ham at