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February 2, 2019

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– Peggy Hudson, editor


Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights of Bishop’s Committee meeting Sunday, January 20:  Building Manager Rick Hudson’s report indicated that gravel was added to the parking lot, and Christmas lights have gone up and down.  Christmas gifts to Compass Housing were delivered.  He asked whether the sign in the parking lot should have the new phone number.  After discussion, the committee agreed that the church phone number should not be on the sign.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported that at year end, there was a small deficit of just under $2000.  Total donations for kitchen repair are now $3129.52.  The Diocesan Investment Fund is slightly down, due to fluctuations in the stock market.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street reported that he and Vicar Jerry Hanna will meet with the IVE (Guatemalan church) pastors on January 21 to sign Amendment 3 of our Joint Use Agreement. The Diocese now requires us to form a task force to develop an action plan for repairs to our building, as well as a plan for regular ongoing maintenance of the main facility.  The Bishop’s Committee unanimously approved the goal and the following membership of this task force: Rick Hudson, Maureen Lyons, Jean Perry, Tessa Machle, and Scott Baker; Jean may appoint additional members as needed.   The Diocese provided us with “coach” Chuck Foisie to assist in the process.  The IVE church will have the same requirements to the Diocese and will be responsible for developing their own action plan for repairs and maintenance as advised by Chuck Foisie.  Hayden and Jerry will explain this to the IVE pastor.  Hayden received a list of trainers for “Safeguarding God’s Children and People” and will work on setting up sessions for those who have keys to St. David Emmanuel.  The committee unanimously approved the 2019 Action Plan, the agenda for the Annual Meeting, and the nominations of Barbara Baker and Jan Trowbridge for 3-year terms on the Bishop’s Committee. Key Diocesan due dates were reviewed.  New insurance requirements for use of the building were noted.  We discussed and tentatively agreed to change the Christmas Eve service time to begin at 7 PM with caroling, and 7:30 PM for worship, beginning in December 2019.  Ministries completed and ministries ongoing were noted, and upcoming events were reviewed.            —Thanks!  To Hayden Street, Senior Warden, and Tessa Machle, Clerk

Annual Meeting:  Highlights of the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 27:  After potluck brunch, the meeting opened with a reading of scripture and prayer by Vicar Jerry Hanna. Following a welcome by Sernior Warden Hayden Street, Tessa Machle read last year’s Annual Meeting minutes, which were then accepted by acclamation.  She told us about the Thank You Banner of appreciation she had created for us to use in the Narthex throughout the year.  Rick Hudson circulated the church directory for corrections and updates.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported that we exceeded our 2018 budget by a little under $2000, but generous giving covered most of the cost of the kitchen work Total kitchen cost for repair and replacement was $16,773.59.  The DIF balance decreased slightly due to recent stock market declines.  $11,610 was given as outreach as follows:  $1000 each to Episcopal Community Action, Mary’s Place, Compass Housing Alliance, operation Sack Lunch, Hopelink, and Jubilee Center; $500 each to Earth Ministry, Sophia Way, Camp Huston, Mission to Seafarers, Ronald Commons, and Union Gospel Mission (plus offering from First Sunday plate, an additional $300).  We will also send an extra $100 to Juan, the Guatemalan child we sponsor, and his family.  We approved a balanced budget of $83,528 for 2019.  Hayden reported that our attendance is stable and our congregation gives generously to the community in many ways.  He noted that our accomplishments in 2018 included repair and replacements in the kitchen, replacement of 36 chairs in the Parish Hall with our AA groups paying half the cost, and completion of a Ministry Review. He presented a 2019 action plan, which was accepted by acclamation.  Hayden and Jerry led a discussion of the new “Protecting God’s Children” program, which emphasizes making our premises a safe place that protects children from sexual abuse. Insurance companies now ask that we train key holders, who may be held responsible in case of an incident.  All locks will be changed after training sessions area completed at St. David Emmanuel.  Special thanks was expressed to Hayden for all his work on this issue.  Barbara Baker was nominated as delegate to convention and Maureen Lyons as alternate; they were approved by acclamation.  Barbara Baker and Jan Trowbridge were nominated and elected to the Bishop’s Committee, and Scott Baker and Tessa Machle were thanked and commended for their three years’ service.  Facilities Manager Rick Hudson thanked Jean Perry for all her work managing the kitchen upgrade.  He reported on our actions taken in response to the Diocesan Building Inspection Report and noted that a committee has been formed to plan for ongoing repairs and maintenance.  He plans to bring together volunteers to deal with the green waste pile at the back of our property in the coming year.  Barbara Baker asked people to check out our home page on Facebook and register a “like” to help others find us.  It was announced that on Feb. 2 at 2 PM, a special Ed Pratt commemoration event will be held marking 50 year since his death. Vicar Jerry Hanna reminded us to have quiet time every day to reaffirm we are Christ in the world.  He closed the meeting by leading us in the Lord’s Prayer.   Thanks! To Jan Trowbridge, Clerk

***********************************************************************************                             Dates to remember:

Sunday mornings:       8:00 Rite I, 10:00 Rite II, coffee hour following

Monday evenings:       Bible study at 7:00 PM in the parish hall

Meditation 6:30 PM in Jerry’s office

1st Sun. each month:    Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:    Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM in Jerry’s office

Fr. Jerry is available for appointments or to make home visits Fridays 9 AM – 5PM.  His office hours are Wednesday noon to 7 PM.  For an appointment, please call him at 206 914-0831.

Special Events

Saturday, February 23: Women’s AA Brunch 9 AM

Tuesday, March 5: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner  5 – 7 PM

Wednesday, March 6: Ash Wednesday; services at noon and 7:30 PM

Sunday, April 14:  Palm Sunday

Thursday, April 18: Maundy Thursday, one service at 7:30 PM

Friday, April 19: Good Friday, Services at noon and 7:30 PM

Saturday, April 20: Holy Saturday, one service at 1 PM

Sunday, April 21: Easter Sunday, one service at 9 AM

Birthdays in February:                                       Anniversaries in February      

February 4:  Thomas Miller                                                    February 3: George Wilson & Claire McClenny

February 7: Joan Voute

February 18: Cassy Aspinall


From the Vicar:

Dearly Beloved,

No one was surprised on Sunday. This amazing, forward dedicated, generous, personally and spiritually integrated congregation, each and all, and no one was surprised. We each have a life, and we each have a church, and everyone we help, touch, serve, support, they receive of what we have, and they are part of the church. Have a new kitchen. Been here 21 years and always something bubbling about the kitchen. Well, it’s done, thanks to a lot of smart choices, and the works are solid. Always useful, the kitchen. Like Monday before last, we are having a conversation in the Poinsettia Room. And the companion says, “Look out the window.” And I turn and look, and there is a man in the rain and dark, dim lit, mouthing through the window, “I am so hungry.” I say, “Excuse me. And I go let the man in, a Tibetan long ear flap cap, a heavy sweater and thick gray vest, lace up rubber boots, and Levis, pretty worn out. I turn around and walk down the hall to the kitchen, and say, “Come on, man. See what we got.” Got some Triscuits, and peanut butter, and bottle of water, and some kind of Half and Half in the ice box, and an apple I brought in on Friday. Man says, “Nice kitchen, dude, nice kitchen. Bright…bright kitchen.” And bites the apple about three times in fifteen seconds, and he is kind of wincing and giggling, and chewing real fast, and I say, “You all right, you straight?” Says, “Yeah, all right, need a sleeping bag is all…Gotta get back, see what the dog needs. OK, well…gotta get back.” And he stuffs the water bottle in the cracker box, and takes a lick of peanut butter off a finger, and screws on the top and slips the jar inside his vest, and he is out the back door, eating the apple core, very purposeful. Somehow that encounter filled out the goodness of our new kitchen. Amen.



Possible change to Christmas Eve service time:    The Bishop’s Committee would like to offer a change, for Christmas Eve liturgy to begin at 7 PM. The thought was an earlier time would be easier for families, and provide an opportunity for earlier rest before the big day. Please let us know what you think!