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  January 2, 2020

Thank you for your ideas for our newsletter!  If there are items you would like to see in the newsletter, please let me know by the 1st of the month.  Call me on the phone (206)364-6881, send it in the mail (3021 NE 185th St, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155), tell me at church, or email (!

– Peggy Hudson, editor


Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights from the December 22, 2019 meeting: Building Manager Rick Hudson reported that he delivered the Compass Housing family contributions of $500 in gift cards and about $400 worth of gifts from our generous congregation.  Special thanks were offered to Rick for managing this.  He presented the bid of Ballard Lock and Key for the SafeChurch key and lock changes.  It was unanimously approved to authorize $2000 for changing the locks and keys on the main facility for the Diocese Safe Church Program, and to authorize Rick to supervise the installation.  Rick plans the change will occur during the third week of January.  Hayden will be present at the start of each meeting we host to give the groups their keys and answer any questions.  Two keys will be provided free to each group, and if they want more keys they can buy them for $20 each.  It was passed unanimously that any payment for extra keys is to go into the Maintenance Fund.  Thanks to Rick for all his work setting this up.  Peggy Hudson reported findings for replacing the Sexton and recommended Royal Janitorial Service, a bonded and licensed service.  We would receive twice a week cleaning for the parish hall, kitchen, and bathrooms and once a week for the rest of the facility for $495 per month.  Their bid was approved unanimously and Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street was authorized to sign the contract.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen noted that we ended November with slightly more income than expenses.  She presented the Proposed Budget for 2020 which was unanimously approved by the Committee.  This Proposed Budget will next be presented to the congregation and voted on at the Annual Meeting on January 26.  Rose reported progress on the new phone, and Rick Hudson volunteered to look into the matter further.  People’s Warden Jean Perry reported that the RAP/ROM Task Force has completed the spread sheet and form.  It will be checked through the year by the People’s Warden and Building Manager as tasks are completed and then presented to the Bishop’s Committee at the end of the year. Jean reported that the Profile Committee has completed the 11 questions from the Diocese and is now compiling the Profile to be given to prospective Vicar Applicants.  The profile will be on line after the Bishop’s Committee has approved.  Special Thanks were accorded to the RAP/ROM Task Force and Profile Committee for all their time and energy, especially to Jean for her exceptional leadership.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street presented the 2020 Action Plan, which was unanimously approved. It was moved and unanimously approved to give Barbara Baker special thanks for her excellent Conference report in the newsletter.  Ongoing and completed ministries were reviewed, and upcoming ministries noted.  Vicar Jerry Hanna said he would get the certificate for the SafeChurch Project and expected to finish with Pastor Kim this week.  He will move out of his office by January.  December 29 will be his last Sunday to conduct the liturgy, and a farewell potluck will be at 5:00 pm that day.  He will hold an open house and provide food in his office at the church from 10 am to 4 pm on New Year’s Day.  Hayden gave Jerry a special thank you for all his help to him in conducting the business of St. David’s and to Jerry personally.  We all joined in heartfelt appreciation of all Jerry has given to the church and to each of us personally. –  Thanks!  To Jan Trowbridge, Clerk, and Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden

***********************************************************************************                             Dates to remember:

Sunday mornings:       8:00 Rite I, 10:00 Rite II, coffee hour following

Monday evenings:      Bible study at 7:00 PM in the parish hall

1st Sun. each month:   Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:   Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM in Tom’s office

Fr. Tom is available for appointments by phone and after services on Sunday. Kindly call or text him to schedule appointments or home visitations.

Special Events 

January 26, 2020: One service 9 AM with potluck brunch followed by Annual Meeting with Interim Priest

February 9, 2020: Women’s AA brunch

February 25, 2020:  Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner 5 to 7 pm

February 26, 2020: Ash Wednesday services at noon and at 7:30 pm

April 5, 2020: Palm Sunday; procession of palms starts at 9:45 am

April 12, 2020: Easter Sunday; one service at 9 am

Birthdays in January:                              

Jan. 5: Nancy Treibel

Jan. 13: Jean Perry

Jan. 29: Jan Trowbridge

Fr. Tom Ortung’s priestly anniversary is January 25: The Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle


From our Interim Priest :

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Epiphany greetings to each of you and those you love. I look forward to meeting you in person soon. You have been in my thoughts and prayers now for some time. As the last few weeks have seen the calendar year winding down and the Church year beginning, there is usually a flurry of activity leading up to Christmas that our secular culture brings upon us that can stand in tension with our Advent virtues of patiently and expectantly waiting upon the Lord. And now the greatest Gift has been celebrated once more in our churches and in our hearts. Still…the twelve days of Christmas pass so quickly and we are now nigh upon Epiphany. Even in those short days we move from the babe in the manger of Luke’s Gospel to the Word became Flesh of John’s, from Saints Stephen and John to Holy Innocents and Holy Name. The church’s celebrations from Advent to Christmas and now Epiphany are many and compressed into such a short time. So too, I recognize that the people of Saint David Emmanuel have also been in the midst of these seasonal celebrations in your own way; in celebrating your ministry together with Jerry+ and Kay+ as the year ends and the New Year begins. The mutual gift-giving of shared ministry with them will no doubt bear fruit for many years to come. You are also preparing to welcome me as interim priest into your midst as you continue the work of searching for your next vicar. A busy time for you indeed! My hope and prayer for each of us as we ponder and pray about the gifts we are bringing to Jesus this Epiphany season is that we can carry forward the hopefulness, love, and joy, the expectancy and patience of the Advent season with gentleness towards ourselves and one another so that God’s peace and purpose may guide the people of Saint David Emmanuel home to ‘our country’ by another road. While the road may be unfamiliar to us, we can trust in St. Paul’s words that we ‘walk by faith and not by sight’. I look forward to journeying this road alongside you.

Epiphany Blessings, Tom+


Vicar Search News:  Our committee is working to create our church’s profile, using the information everyone is providing to us.  We will be taking some more pictures, too.  Recently, we have been writing responses to narrative questions, and these will be posted by the Diocese for potential candidates for our vicar position to see.  Next, we will work on the profile.  Our target for the profile to be completed is February.  After the profile is created, we will be able to move to the actual search for our new vicar.  The Profile Committee consists of Jean Perry (Chair), Barbara Baker, Peggy Hudson, Tessa Machle, and Nancy Treibel.                                                                                                              – Peggy Hudson

Jerry and Kay’s Address

Jerry and Kay Hanna

10306  184th Ave E

Bonney Lake, WA  98391