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UPDATE: Please note that services and meeting times and dates below are all subject to cancellation or re-scheduling due to the current closure of the church building.

Newsletter of St. David Emmanuel

Episcopal Church

location: 18842 Meridian Avenue N. ~ Shoreline, WA  98133

mailing address: P.O. Box 77322 ~ Seattle, WA 98177

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June 3, 2020

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– Peggy Hudson, editor

Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights from the June 28, 2020 meeting: The meeting was held virtually.  Building Manager Rick Hudson reported that deadbolts have been installed on the doors to the portables.  The doors are locked and he has the only keys right now.  At his request, the janitorial service cleaned the bathrooms in the portables.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported that expense and income were roughly the same in May.  The first reimbursement check in the Payroll Protection Program came in at the beginning of June. At her suggestion, the Bishop’s Committee voted to change the utilities payment plan for the IVE church, so that they just pay the actual amount billed for their utilities each month, until we are able to reopen our campus.  Maureen Lyons announced that due to the resurgence of COVID-19 locally, the Ladies’ Tea and Men’s Gathering at her house previously scheduled for Sept. 13 is instead likely to be held next May.  We will discuss this topic again as we get closer to September; we might do a Zoom get-together instead of meeting in person in September.  Interim Priest Tom Ortung led discussion about steps toward reopening.  Although we are not near that stage yet, we need to think about how we can meet again safely as a congregation, and also about how to make sure other groups in our space are adhering to policy after we do reopen.  Maureen noted that for church services, we could occupy every other pew, with people masked.  However, opening the parish hall and portables to outside groups will be tricky.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street reminded us that when all groups are meeting, 500 people a week use the parish hall.  We have to decide on when and how to reopen based on the composition of our church population.  Tom said that Pastor Elmer has been prompt in payments, and Tom thinks that Elmer understands what Tom and the Bishop had said in emails about the May wood-cutting incident on St. David Emmanuel property during shutdown.  Hayden said that there has been no sign of any use of the portables since the deadbolts were installed.  Tom said that he would communicate the change in utilities payment to Elmer.  Tom, Maureen, Hayden, and Barb Baker will plan to get together with Elmer and a translator, possibly on the phone.  Maureen has suggested postponing getting together with him until we are closer to reopening.  Joan Voute said that there is a little free pantry at 18910 8th Ave NE where people can get food, clothes, books, and games. It is in a carport at a private residence.  We discussed that we might be able to donate items to the pantry.  It sounds like a good resource for people in need in the neighborhood, including those who use our facilities.  Thanks! To Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden, and Peggy Hudson, Clerk

***********************************************************************************                             Dates to remember:  Please note that we are meeting remotely for now via Zoom

Sunday mornings:       10:00 Rite II or Morning Prayer, coffee hour following

Wednesday evenings: Evening discussion and Compline service 7 – 8 PM

1st Sun. each month:   Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:   Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM

Fr. Tom is available for appointments by phone and after services on Sunday. Kindly call or text him at 425.999.9708 to schedule appointments or home visitations.

Special Events

Sept. 13, 2020: 1 – 3 p.m. The Women’s Tea and Men’s Patio Gathering at Maureen Lyons’s place will not take place “in person” due to the continued coronavirus pandemic.  It has been postponed again, till next May. There may be a virtual event on Sept. 13 – the Bishop’s Committee will discuss in August.

Birthdays in July:                                                       Anniversaries in July:

July 1: Robert Aspinall                                                                       July 1: Tom and Julian Ortung

July 2: Clarisse Redmond

July 16:  Anthony Aspinall

July 24: Jesse Miller

From our Interim Priest :

Dear People of Saint David Emmanuel,                                                                                 July 1, 2020

In my sermon from this past Sunday I skipped ahead in Romans to quote from Paul’s indefatigable hope that closes his ‘Holy Spirit’ chapter:

“l am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)

I did this to demonstrate how we, as Christians who live in hope, can benefit and take comfort in our spiritual connection to the faith of Abraham as a sign and example for us during our own challenging times. As I write this monthly reminder to each of us, our country has seen a 27% increase in deaths related to the coronavirus. As I wrote in June, we were just crossing the 100,000 milestone; today we stand at 127,000 with newly reported cases rising again throughout the country. Can we continue to stand alongside the faith of Abraham and hold to the promise and the blessing that, indeed, the Lord will provide? I believe we can.

Each week in our prayers of the people we offer prayers for the wisdom and divine guidance of our national, state, and local leaders. We do this out of a sense of obedience to Christ’s command (even though challenging at times) and out of a sense of hopefulness that our prayer will be effective, and that God will somehow cut short these days. As Paul also mentions in Romans, we do not hold out hope for what we can see, but for what we cannot see. We look forward in hopefulness despite the grim realities of this time because we are always a community who lives in hope. That is as much a part of the Christian walk as any other cross we may be called upon to bear. And in that hope, we also serve as standard bearers to those around us who find it difficult to go on hoping.

Hope is a uniquely human virtue, and one that is central to our Christian faith. I look forward to sharing more of Paul’s hopefulness with you as we move through his letter to the Romans on Wednesdays, in our own private study, and on Sunday mornings. After wrestling with some of the more challenging issues of human existence as Paul outlines them in the earlier chapters of Romans, we will spend most of July reading through chapter 8 which culminates in my quote at the beginning of this pastoral letter. I ‘hope’ you will find this time affirming and encouraging you in hope as well.

As most of you know, we have been doing Morning Prayer on Sundays for the last few weeks and will continue throughout the summer as far as I can glimpse on the horizon. I am very thankful for the many voices heard in both word and song and for your continued embrace of our imperfect but loveable Zoom world. We also continue to spend time on Wednesday evenings at 7PM staying connected, reflecting upon the readings in Romans, and closing with Compline. This remains open to anyone who would like to join in. The more the merrier and it is easy enough to follow along in our study.

I continue to attend weekly clergy calls with our bishop and have been updating you as we go for the most part. What has become clear in these calls is that our bishop is very aware of our local situations in the many churches of the diocese and wants very much for us to know that we are supported and encouraged to be safe and prudent as we begin to develop plans for reopening. It is also clear that our bishop is encouraging us, SDE, given our population and people with underlying health conditions to be very prudent and safe with regard to our eventual church reopening. He has mentioned that churches with our general makeup should not consider reopening until sometime in the Phase 4 period. As I am not prophetic in the sense of being able to foresee the future, I will not venture to suggest a date other than that we are likely looking at later this year. I am open to hear from anyone with thoughts, ideas, and concerns over how best we should proceed.

In our most recent bishop’s committee meeting this past Sunday we began to explore in general terms what reopening would look like. We have come to the consensus that ‘out of an abundance of caution’ and our own limited resources to comply with state guidelines, our church campus will remain closed to all groups until such time as our SDE community can safely reopen for all. I have conveyed this to our Guatemalan and Korean faith communities already and Hayden has been in touch with our 12-step communities as well. As we seek to always ‘love your neighbor’, it seems clear enough that the best way we can show that during these pandemic times is to continue to stay safe and maintain physical distancing. When our situation becomes clearer, our BC will meet and develop a plan that will adhere to both diocesan and state guidelines so that we can all safely resume utilizing our church campus. We will be asking those others who utilize our space to sign on to our plan and provide accountability within their own groups to ensure we will all be safe. We will welcome input and support from any and all at SDE who would like to contribute their thoughts and talent around our reopening when the time comes.

As we continue in the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob saga in Genesis over the next several weeks, it is my hope that we will continue to draw hope and inspiration from their story, their trials and tribulations, their bleak humanity that has somehow managed to rise above their situation despite themselves with their faith and trust that has been an enduring legacy in our salvation story. As Paul puts it in Romans 11, we Christians are grafted into their salvation story by faith, made righteous by God’s declaration as heirs to the faith of Abraham and his blessing. Their story is indeed our story. Their human frailty and perseverance against all odds by God’s grace is ours as well. Their hope, albeit in the distant future as it is described in Hebrews 11:8ff, is our hope. My hope for us all is that we continue to walk by faith, if not by sight, together as one body at Saint David Emmanuel. When we do, the conviction and certainty of Paul in my quote from Romans at the start of this letter, is more within reach than ever. Thanks for all you continue to do and please stay safe. Know that I remain available to you and hold you in prayer.

Your brother in Christ, Tom+

Vicar Search News:  By decision of the Diocese, all searches continue to be on hold, so the work of the Profile Committee is still on hold.  The Profile Committee consists of Jean Perry (Chair), Barbara Baker, Peggy Hudson, Tessa Machle, and Nancy Treibel.                                                                  – Peggy Hudson

What are we doing for Outreach??

BACK TO SCHOOL! The Back-To-School Consortium is up and running, and looking for our support.  Here are some things we can do:

  1. Donate money: You can go online to and look for the “Donate Now” button.  Or, if you prefer, you could instead write a check to St. David Emmanuel and note “Back to School” on the designation line and send it in to the church office at PO Box 77322, Seattle, WA 98177.
  2. Donate Critical Items: This year’s most needed school supplies are: large backpacks, composition notebooks, earbuds, pointed and blunt tip children’s scissors, fine line color markers, and scientific calculators.
  3. Donate other items: colored pencils, erasers, bottled glue and glue sticks, 24 pack crayons, loose leaf paper (wide and college ruled), notebook dividers with tabs, spiral notebooks (wide and college ruled), adult sized toothbrushes (individually wrapped), deodorant, bar soap (individually wrapped), boys’ and men’s new underwear (cotton briefs and boxer briefs), girls’ and ladies’ new underwear

Rick and I will be glad to come pick up your donations during the week of July 20 – 24 (Sun – Fri) and we can deliver everything to the Shoreline Center on July 25.  Please call or email 206 364-6881 or to arrange for pickup!

Gifts for Newborns and Their Families at UW Medical Center

Many thanks for the generous contributions from St DE to the MIC fund to allow families without resources to take their newborns home in safe car seats. Incredibly, the funds contributed will purchase 48 car seats for babies born at UWMC. These car seat finds will be carefully distributed via the discernment of the postpartum social worker. Again, on behalf of the families, thank you VERY much.

Barb Baker

Toiletries for Veterans: This project is on hold for sure till after August.  It may be canceled for this year. Peggy Hudson

Adjustments due to Coronavirus

For the near future, following the advice our Bishop has given, we will all continue to try to stay as safe as possible in our worship and other interactions.  We have been holding services by way of Zoom and hope that everyone feels the community spirit, and everyone is keeping as well as possible!  Our Interim Priest Tom Ortung has been sending out information about how to join services via either internet or phone.

Sad News

Elsa Alvarez, the daughter of Frank and Eloise Alvarez who joined us for worship this year, died on June 20th.  “Rest eternal, grant unto her O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon her.  May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.”

Frank and Eloise have moved back home to Moses Lake.  If you would like to write to them, their address is:

1105 E Terrace Ave

Moses Lake, WA 98837

And their telephone number is 509 855-4242.

Blast from the Past: (7/25/08!)

A lot of us are putting in more time than usual in our gardens this year.  Here is a little item from a past newsletter, along with a summery image from that issue:

Inscribed on a Stone Wall in the National Botanic Garden, Dublin, Ireland:

Kind hearts are the garden

Kind thoughts are the roots

Kind words are the blossoms

Kind deeds are the shoots.

(attributed to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)