UPDATE: Please note that services and meeting times and dates below are all subject to cancellation or re-scheduling due to the current closure of the church building.

Newsletter of St. David Emmanuel

Episcopal Church

location: 18842 Meridian Avenue N. ~ Shoreline, WA  98133

mailing address: P.O. Box 77322 ~ Seattle, WA 98177

(206) 715-9564


  February 4, 2021

Thank you for your ideas for our newsletter!  If there are items you would like to see in the newsletter, please let me know by the 1st of the month.  Call me on the phone (206)364-6881, send it in the mail (3021 NE 185th St, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155), tell me at church, or email (mhudson@seattleu.edu)!

– Peggy Hudson, editor

Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights from the January 17, 2021 meeting:  Facilities Manager Rick Hudson reported that he replaced alarm batteries and the clock battery in the parish hall.  He said he would be straightening out a post in the parking lot soon.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen’s report as of the end of December indicated that this year we ended with a little more expense than income, but the deficit was much less than she had projected in making up the budget for 2020. We discussed the Parochial Report.  It will be quite different for 2020 than in previous years, because there are questions about our experience of and response to the pandemic.  The Diocese wants Bishop’s Committee members to provide input particularly for answering narrative questions.  The Committee agreed to respond online to Rose about these questions in the next two weeks so that the Report can be approved at the next Bishop’s Committee meeting and submitted to the Diocese by the March 1 deadline.  Hayden Street has been sending emailed thank yous to the AA groups that have continued to send in donations, almost at the level they provided when the building was open for them to meet.  Interim Priest Tom Ortung suggested that a formal year-end letter of thanks would be nice and the Committee agreed to this.  Tom will write the letters and Hayden will email them.  People’s Warden Maureen Lyons reported that Tessa Machle, who is expected to be joining the Bishop’s Committee in 2021, has agreed to serve as Clerk.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street presented the draft of the January 24 Annual Meeting Agenda, and it was approved unanimously.  He noted that Tessa Machle and Rose Thygesen have been nominated for Bishop’s Committee; Barb Baker has been nominated as Delegate to Convention and Maureen Lyons as Alternate for Convention.  Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting.  Hayden has agreed to serve as Bishop’s Warden and Rose Thygesen as Treasurer.  The roles of People’s Warden and Clerk will be filled by formal election by the Bishop’s Committee, but Maureen and Tessa, respectively, are willing to serve. Tom Ortung led discussion about Ash Wednesday services, and it was agreed that at Jean Perry’s suggestion, we would hold one service at 7 pm. We discussed whether to use ashes, and we agreed that since although they are customary but not required at the service, we would omit them this year.  Tom said he was very thankful for all that everyone has been contributing.  He asked everyone to let him know what we would like for Lent.  We agreed to continue using the pandemic prayer and the prayers for our nation.  Tom noted that Rick Hudson has asked that we pray for our leaders by name.  He thanked Joan Voute and Peggy Hudson for their service on the Bishop’s Committee, as their terms come to an end.   Thanks! To Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden, and Peggy Hudson, Clerk **************************************************************************************                            

Dates to remember:  Please note that we are meeting remotely for now via Zoom           Sunday mornings:        10:00 Rite II or Morning Prayer, coffee hour following                                    Wednesday evenings: Evening discussion and Compline service 7 – 8 PM                                                     1st Sun. each month:   Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink and Compass Housing                                                                                                                       3rd Sun. each month:   Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM                                                                      Fr. Tom is available for appointments by phone and after services on Sunday. Kindly call or text him at 425.999.9708 to schedule appointments or home visitations.

Special Events

February 7:  Please have your thank yous to Tessa by today.  See article on page 4.

February 17:  Ash Wednesday service at 7 pm, by Zoom


Feb. 4:  Thomas Miller, Jami Ortung

Feb. 7:  Joan Voute

Feb. 18:  Cassy Aspinall                        


George Wilson and Claire McClenny

From our Interim Priest :

Dear People of Saint David Emmanuel                                                          February 2021 Pastoral Letter

Well, January was certainly a busy month! We held five Sunday services, four Wednesday evening gatherings, a Bishop’s Committee meeting, annual meeting, and a commissioning for ministry of our newly elected and appointed leadership in the church on three consecutive Sundays! Thanks again to Tessa and Rose for agreeing to serve on our Bishop’s Committee, for Barb and Maureen who have agreed to be our convention delegates, and to Joan V. and Peggy who have finished their (current) time serving on Bishop’s Committee. Thanks also to everyone else who continue to serve in your many roles at our church. The phrase ‘many hands make light work’ comes to mind but I also recognize and appreciate just how much of that work of ministry you do. I also wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you.

Oh, and then there were also those events just beyond our church walls. January saw a failed insurrection and assault on our democracy (on Epiphany no less), a second impeachment of our former President Donald Trump for inciting that failed coup, an inauguration of our new President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, and the continuing pandemic that affects us all. We continue to grieve the enormous loss of life (January was the worst month so far), pray for those who have died and for their families, and for all those affected by this pandemic. And we also live in hope that as more and more people are vaccinated we can at last begin to see just on the horizon a path forward from this national tragedy. We will continue to pray these prayers for our people and our government and ask, as always, that ‘God would cut short these days.’  This is no time to rest complacent that we have somehow weathered the storm although I hope we can give ourselves a certain permission to breathe again. It was a very long time to hold our breath!

February is a month of transition in the seasons of the Church. We begin in Epiphany with our continuing themes of light, of urgency (especially in Mark’s Gospel), and of call and response to God’s Word and invitation to participate in the work of ministry. It is also a time of transition at Saint David Emmanuel as our new Bishop’s Committee will continue upon the good work already accomplished and begin to examine and plan for a path forward that will eventually lead to our reopening of the church. It is my hope that we will undertake a purposeful look together at who we have been, how we have been changed over this last year of pandemic and transition, and what we see as our path forward. As I mentioned in my annual address last week, I don’t know the when, none of us do. I do know the how and the why, however. The how will require a commitment on everyone’s part to support your new Bishop’s Committee with prayers and vision, hopes and suggestions, patience and love. The how will be accomplished because we are grounded in God’s abiding love and purpose for our church and want to answer that call with a response that honors the work of ministry built here over many years and by many saints who have gone before us. And in this purpose, in this continuing call to ministry, we also find the why.

Mid-way in February we begin our Lenten journey from Desert and Temptation to Jerusalem, from Cross to Empty Tomb and Risen Lord! Our Ash Wednesday this year will look a little different than what we have been used to for much of our church lives. This should, by now, come as no surprise. We will celebrate Ash Wednesday on February 17th at 7PM using Zoom. I will send out an invitation when we get a little closer to that date. In order that we continue to comply with the pandemic precautions our governor and bishop have put into place, we will dispense with the traditional imposition of ashes but will say the words and have a symbolic moment where we acknowledge our mortality. Our Prayerbook provides the option that the imposition of ashes is a ‘may’ and not a ‘must’. We can and will honor the meaning of the day as best we can without them. In these pandemic times, we certainly already have enough reminders of our own mortality anyway. While many may feel this as yet another loss of tradition to the pandemic, myself included, I would remind us that this too shall pass.

During Lent, I hope to continue our Wednesday evening gatherings and to offer a daily devotional and/or topical, scriptural, or book study. Some of this is still TBD and so I will appreciate your suggestions.

My hope and prayer for us is that we can approach this Lenten season in a spirit of balance. Lent is never so much about what we are giving up as it is about what we are taking on. Our Lenten invitation is always one of letting go of those things in our lives that we can live without so that we can hear and respond anew to Jesus’ words that we ‘take up our cross and follow Him.’ (Second Sunday in Lent, Mark’s Gospel). I pray that as we unburden ourselves of those things that may hinder us, that we will feel lighter and better equipped to take on the challenges (and joys) of ministry at SDE and beyond so that we are ready and able to reopen our doors on what will be a most joyous day!

Please know that I continue to think of you, pray for you, and remain available to you if and when you need me.

Your brother in Christ,   Tom+

*************************************************************************************** What are we doing for Outreach??

Gifts for Newborns and Their Families at UW Medical Center

If you have been knitting, sewing, crocheting, or shopping for items for newborns, please continue to hold onto them until we figure out whether we can get together in some to way celebrate the families and our efforts for them.

For 2020, we at St. David Emmanuel kept up the same level of year-end outreach giving as the previous year.  In these tough times, it’s an act of outreach, thankfulness, and faith.


Ash Wednesday service

The Ash Wednesday service this year will be held virtually, via Zoom, at 7 pm on February 17.  Fr. Tom will send out an invitation.  Although we will not have imposition of ashes, we can hold this service together in a meaningful way.


Lent Madness 2021

Believe it or not, Lent Madness is an offering of Forward Movement, widely known as the publishers of Forward Day by Day and other resources to support spiritual growth and vitality.  George Wilson got us into this before, and he wants to make sure we tune in again this year!

Every day during Lent, we can learn about two saints and vote for our favorite.  By March 31, the day before Maundy Thursday, the Golden Halo award winner will be announced.

https://www.lentmadness.org/bracket/ will take you to the website where you can see which saints are in contention this year.  Guaranteed learning!


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on January 24, virtually via Zoom, following the morning prayer service.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen provided the 2020 year-end report.  She said that we had slightly more income and less expense than she had predicted, so that instead of a deficit of $8328.00, we ended the year with a deficit of $1079.40, which was covered by checking reserve.  She noted that our year-end outreach giving was the same as last year, and as usual we supported the Diocese of Jerusalem via the Good Friday offering, newborns and their families at University of Washington Medical Center, and our child adopted through World Vision.  She presented the 2021 Proposed Budget, explaining that a deficit is expected again for 2021.  Although it is hard to predict all income and expense given that we don’t know when we may be able to reopen the church facility, she estimated a deficit similar to last year.  We voted unanimously to accept the budget, and thanked Rose for all her hard work as Treasurer.  People’s Warden Maureen Lyons presented candidates for Bishop’s Committee Tessa Machle and Rose Thygesen (3-year terms).  They were elected unanimously.  Candidates for Convention Representative Barbara Baker as Delegate and Maureen Lyons as Alternate (2-year terms) were also elected unanimously.  Fr. Tom Ortung introduced his appointed officers for 2021: Tessa Machle volunteered to serve as Clerk, Hayden Street as Bishop’s Warden, and Rose Thygesen as Treasurer.  Maureen Lyons agreed to serve as People’s Warden (election to occur at the first meeting of the Bishop’s Committee after the annual meeting).  Hayden Street reviewed 2020, saying that the full-out pandemic has made everything harder.  Yet, Saint David Emmanuel Church has prevailed, continuing regular services via Zoom, approving a $83,220 budget for 2021, approving a 2021 Action Plan, and completing a December Ministry Review.  We continue to be stable financially, and to provide generous, heart-filled outreach to a widespread community.  Hayden presented the 2021 Action Plan, which is about the same as for 2020, and it was unanimously approved.  Facilities Manager Rick Hudson reported that in 2020 he set up barriers and reflectors in the parking lot to discourage unwanted traffic, and changed light bulbs and clock and alarm batteries in the church. The church facility passed inspection by the city of Shoreline with respect to fire preparedness.  He thanked Hayden for his daily check of the facilities while we are not holding meetings or church services there.  Barb Baker gave a brief Website Report.  She said that the website is not greatly changed.  She said the goal now is to keep the calendar updated.  She would like to load up more photos on the website, including screen shots from our Zoom services.  She asked people to let her now if they don’t want their image on a screen shot.  She would welcome ideas.  Tessa Machle said that with her daughter’s help, she can set up a virtual “thank you banner” for exchange of thank yous among members of the congregation.  She asked that people send her a list of their thank yous by February 7 if possible, either via email or the postal service.  Interim Priest Tom Ortung presented his report, reviewing the past year at St. David Emmanuel.  He thanked everyone for all they have done and continue to do.  He said he continues to be very impressed with how well we care for each other and do the work of the parish.  He acknowledged that it was difficult and stressful for all of us to close the church doors in response to the orders of the Governor and the Bishop.  But via Zoom, we held onto church as best we could. We grieve those losses of relationship in the church pew while recognizing that the relationships that extend beyond the pew continue.  We have lost some people from church services who were coming in person and have not attended via Zoom, but we have been able to have some people attend from a long distance away.  We brought in images of the church for services for Palm Sunday and Easter, and held a drive-up flowering of the cross.  We began a Wednesday evening discussion and prayer service that about half the membership of the church has attended.  We moved to Sunday services of Morning Prayer with new Prayers of the People and added collects and prayers about the pandemic and for our country.  We invited each other into our homes with settings around Advent candles, and everyone stepped up with music for Christmas Eve and Lessons and Carols.  On our past year’s journey, we have learned new ways of doing things, familiar and experimental, to continue as the church.  He said we will reopen- don’t know how or when, but we’ll do it together, safely and joyfully.  We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.                                              -Peggy Hudson



Aren’t there a lot of people to thank this year??!  And so many things to be thankful for.

With her tech-expert daughter’s help, Tessa Machle will set up a virtual “thank you banner” for expressing thank yous among members of the congregation.  She asks that we all spend a little time creating a list so that she gets one list from each of us rather than a snowstorm of individual thank yous from each person.  Please send her a list of their thank yous by February 7 if possible, either via email or the postal service.  In the subject line of the email, please write “St David Thank yous.”  Her email address is themachles@gmail.com  and her mailing address is 19818 6th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA  98155.


Vicar Search News:  By decision of the Diocese, all searches continue to be on hold, so the work of the Profile Committee is still on hold.  The Profile Committee consists of Jean Perry (Chair), Barbara Baker, Peggy Hudson, Tessa Machle, and Nancy Treibel.                                                               – Peggy Hudson

Adjustments due to Coronavirus

For the near future, following the advice our Bishop has given, we will all continue to try to stay as safe as possible in our worship and other interactions.  We have been holding services by way of Zoom and hope that everyone feels the community spirit, and everyone is keeping as well as possible!  Our Interim Priest Tom Ortung has been sending out information about how to join services via either internet or phone.