UPDATE: Please note that services and meeting times and dates below are all subject to cancellation or re-scheduling due to the current closure of the church building.

Newsletter of St. David Emmanuel

Episcopal Church

location: 18842 Meridian Avenue N. ~ Shoreline, WA  98133

mailing address: P.O. Box 77322 ~ Seattle, WA 98177

(206) 715-9564


October 2, 2020

Thank you for your ideas for our newsletter!  If there are items you would like to see in the newsletter, please let me know by the 1st of the month.  Call me on the phone, or email (mhudson@seattleu.edu)!

– Peggy Hudson, editor

Bishop’s Committee meeting:  Excerpts from the meeting on September 20, 2020

We noted that we have held 7 virtual Sunday services and 5 Complines since our last meeting.  We have collected and delivered 2 boxes of toiletries to the VA hospital.  We plan to do fall Church Yard cleanup on October 10, since people can be safely distanced outdoors and wear masks.  We unanimously approved funding totaling $29.50 to send Barb Baker, Scott Baker, and Tom Ortung to Diocesan Convention, which will be held virtually October 23-24.  Interim Priest Tom Ortung said that he will keep us informed of what the Bishop is telling the clergy.  He asked for feedback about how things are going: what can he be doing and thinking about pastorally and liturgically?  He would like to know what people think about Wednesday night in general and wants to make the Wednesday service more accessible for people if they are interested.  He thinks the service is a good way for people to stay in touch, not just a way to study the lectionary.  He wants the reading to be about what is important for people.  He would like to try a 4-week study on a book called “God and the Pandemic,” which people can buy for themselves.  He will send an email out with a link to a bookseller and ask people to respond with whether they are interested.  He plans to order daily devotionals for Advent.  He also said that he plans to take a couple of Sundays off in November and asked whether we wanted someone to officiate or whether we might rather want to have discussions during sermon time or coffee hour.  Thanks! To Hayden Street, Bishop’s Warden, and Peggy Hudson, Clerk


Dates to remember:  Please note that we are meeting remotely for now via Zoom 

Sunday mornings: 10:00 Rite II or Morning Prayer, coffee hour following

Wednesday evenings: Evening discussion and Compline service 7 – 8 PM

1st Sun. each month:   Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:   Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM

Fr. Tom is available for appointments by phone and after services on Sunday. Kindly call or text him at 425.999.9708 to schedule appointments or home visitations.

Special Events

Through October 4:  Gather items for pets belonging to homeless and inadequately housed people and call Rick and Peggy to pick them up (see p. 3 of this newsletter)

October 10:  Church Yard cleanup from 1 to 4 PM.  Plan to observe social distancing and use masks when appropriate.

Birthdays in October:                                        

Oct. 28: Scott Baker

Oct. 31: Hayden Street

 From our Interim Priest :

Dear People of Saint David Emmanuel,                                                                     October 2020

Each month, as I prepare to write my pastoral letter, I re-read what I wrote the previous month. As I do this now, I am acutely aware of how important it is to continue offering words of hope and encouragement. So, let me repeat what I wrote at the conclusion of September’s pastoral letter…

I would be remiss if I didn’t speak a word of encouragement and hope for our current pandemic times… Prayer for our nation, coupled with Christian witness is more powerful than any of us realizes. It is what we can continue to do even as we watch and wait and hope and pray that God will cut short these days.

And so, I hope and pray that we can all continue to encourage one another in faith, witness, and prayer. Fervent prayer that is expectant of God’s action and redemption. God is working out the Kingdom. God has this. We can and should expect that. Our participation in it is what God requires of us. So remain hopeful, steadfast in prayer, and continuing in that faithful witness and good works that shows the world what Paul most wanted the Christian community to be.

I can say this in various and sundry ways and will endeavor over time to improve upon the ways I say and write these words of encouragement and hope. In times like these it is more important than ever to repeat them.

One of the defining qualities of our Episcopal Prayers of the People is that we lift up each week prayers for our President and other governmental leaders and institutions. Whether in our familiar BCP prayers, or in Bp. Geralyn Wolf’s lectionary -based prayers that we have been using these last few months, this intentional way of praying is our commitment and responsibility as a Christian community that is very much ‘in the world’, even if we are not ‘of the world’. What follows are excerptsfrom last Sunday’s prayers and this Sunday’s prayers as examples of what I mean:

+ For our President, his/her advisors, the members of Congress and the Supreme Court, that they may be honest and vigilant in their duties, knowing that their decisions affect the peoples of our land, and of the nations of the world; let us pray.

Lord, hear our prayer.

+ In thanksgiving for the gifts of liberty and a democratic form of government; may we take our part in its future, and continue to offer prayers for those who exercise leadership in our nation and local cities and towns; let us pray.

Lord, hear our prayer.

In light of our ongoing national crisis that encompasses public health and safety, justice for all, and threats both internally and externally to our democratic process, I had planned to remind us with these prayers of our role as a church even before the news we wake up to this morning. As I write, we are all now just learning the news of our president and first lady’s positive infection with the coronavirus. And so, our responsibility to pray these words, or ones similar, takes on even greater significance. Regardless of our political persuasion, it is worth noting that our responsibility to pray does not offer us caveats based on how we may feel about our national political situation. By that I do not mean that our feelings aren’t important; they certainly are, and I want to validate that. This may be hard as our feelings and our Christian responsibilities to pray may not always be in alignment. And that is a prayer in and of itself: “Lord, help us to pray. Help us to be intentional and responsible in our prayers for the good of our nation and the world.” Remember Jesus said it is easy to pray for those we like and love. Anyone can do that. Harder still to pray for those we may not like. Which is why I will encourage us as we pray these prayers for our president, our national and local governmental leadership and institutions, to take on our responsibility to pray for them with even more earnestness and zeal. If you find yourselves wrestling with these words, please know that in them I am preaching to myself as well. I need your prayers also as I hold you in prayer.

Of course, we know that our current national tragedy occurs contemporaneously within the larger Kingdom of God as it is unfolding. Clearly, we are in the ‘in-between’ as we work together and participate with our Lord to bring about the fruits of the Kingdom. And that is as much a hope and aspiration that we can take comfort in as any there is. Putting ourselves and our current times squarely within this eternal perspective is our unique Christian response to it. As I said last month; ‘God’s got this!’

Without getting too far ahead of my preaching towards the end of the church year I will say the very thing that I always say on Christ the King Sunday (and yes, for context, I will say it again then!) As the church year ends in turbulence and uncertainty, it also begins that way. And in between the end of the church year and its beginning we celebrate Christ the King Sunday. Christ the King, in the middle of all our hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties is there to bring us into the peace which surpasses all of our understanding. I hope you will find and take comfort in these words. I do, even as I say them and remind myself and others of them at the end of each church year. May they help sustain us over these next several weeks between now and then.

Please know that I remain available to you in these challenging times and would love to hear from you with whatever may be on your hearts and minds.                                Your brother in Christ, Tom+


From the Presiding Bishop:

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic I continue to pray for all affected by this virus in any way.
At this particular moment I ask that all Episcopalians also pray for the President and First Lady, and all in the White House or Government who have been infected by this virus.

O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity: Be present in your goodness with your children, the President and First Lady, and all in the White House or Government who have been infected by this virus, that their weakness may be banished and their strength restored; and that, their health being renewed, they may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

     – For Recovery from Sickness, Book of Common Prayer, p. 458

What are we doing for Outreach??

Gifts for Newborns and Their Families at UW Medical Center

If you have been knitting, sewing, crocheting, or shopping for items for newborns, please continue to hold onto them until we figure out whether we can get together in some to way celebrate the families and our efforts for them.

Toiletries for Patients at the VA Hospital   Rick and I delivered two boxes of toiletries to the VA.  Everyone was so kind and grateful.  Thank you all for your contributions!                   – Peggy Hudson


Outreach for homeless and poorly housed people and their petsIf you have donations for Doney Coe Veterinary Clinic, please bring them to the church or call me by October 5.  They would appreciate any the following for their homeless or poorly housed clients with pets: gift cards for local pet stores, dog and cat food (regular, canned and dry in unopened bags), pet treats (unopened, sealed bags), pet waste bags, puppy pads, “Gentle Leader” and “Wonder Walker” harnesses, leashes and toys (new or in good condition), soft sided carriers, pet clothing, beds and blankets that are new or gently used and freshly laundered, food/water dishes (in good condition, stainless steel preferred), and grooming supplies.  Rick and I can collect whatever you would like to donate.  Email at mhudson@seattleu.edu, or call 206 364-6881 and we will come by to pick things up.  If you prefer to take your donated things to the church, we have a box on the pew in the narthex.  Just remember your mask and your hand sanitizer in case you encounter someone.  You can also donate directly at https://doneycoe.org/ or send a check to Doney Coe Pet clinic, 2212 Queen Anne Ave N #702, Seattle, WA 98109-2312.     Thank you for considering this!        Peggy Hudson

Compass Housing needs:  Compass Housing is asking for donations of warm winter coats for children in Children’s sizes 6, 7 & 8 and teen and young adult sizes S, M, L, XL.  They would like to have the coats by October 23.  I am trying to find out if they can use gently used coats as well as new ones.

They also are asking for the following for their clients for the holidays, which we normally help with: $25 gift cards for Fred Meyer, Target, or Amazon for children and families; For adults: Robes, slippers, and sweatpants for men and women (sized L, X, XX, or 3XL; solid, dark, or jewel toned colors preferred); travel thermoses, twin sized bedding sets, socks and underwear.  This year they are not collecting toys, games or art sets for children because they can’t arrange to get volunteers safely to wrap them.  They ask that we deliver items to Compass Housing by December 14.  Let’s make our usual generous contribution for Compass Housing folks for the holidays!  – Peggy Hudson

Vicar Search News:  By decision of the Diocese, all searches continue to be on hold, so the work of the Profile Committee is still on hold.  The Profile Committee consists of Jean Perry (Chair), Barbara Baker, Peggy Hudson, Tessa Machle, and Nancy Treibel.                                                                  – Peggy Hudson

Adjustments due to Coronavirus

For the near future, following the advice our Bishop has given, we will all continue to try to stay as safe as possible in our worship and other interactions.  We have been holding services by way of Zoom and hope that everyone feels the community spirit, and everyone is keeping as well as possible!  Our Interim Priest Tom Ortung has been sending out information about how to join services via either internet or phone.