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December 1, 2018


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– Peggy Hudson, editor

 Bishop’s Committee meeting: Highlights of Bishop’s Committee meeting Sunday, November 18:  Building Manager Rick Hudson reported that he coordinated with the kitchen contractor about fixing a kitchen outlet that was mistakenly wired to 220V, apparently because our old wiring was not properly labeled.  Several coffee pots were damaged.  Rick discussed with Maureen Lyons compensating groups whose coffee pots were damaged.  Rick noticed that someone dumped rocks and concrete rubble at the back of our property, despite our No Dumping sign.  He hauled away four 32-gallon yard waste cans that he filled from the accumulated church pile.  He noted that Robert Aspinall has done a lovely job of clearing and replanting flower beds beside the church.  Special appreciation was expressed by the Bishop’s Committee to Robert Aspinall for his lovely altar flower arrangements and the care of the gardens bordering the entrance to the church.  Treasurer Rose Thygesen reported that we continue to be in the black even after paying the final bill for the kitchen repair by replacements.  A motion to give Christmas bonuses to the Sexton and Organist was passed unanimously.  The Mission Outreach Committee appointments of Maureen Lyons, Rose Thygesen, and Barbara Baker with Kay Kessel Hanna as consultant was approved unanimously.  People’s Warden Jean Perry reported that the project to repair the kitchen by replacement has been completed.  The range hood has been cleaned and the group agreed we do not need to paint it but do need to find a way to clean the filters.  Jean asked the Treasurer for a final comprehensive statement of cost and donations.  The Bishop’s Committee expressed much appreciation for all of Jean’s hard work.  Bishop’s Warden Hayden Street reported that more work must be done to compete Amendment 3 to the Joint Use agreement with the Guatemalan (IVE) Church and he expects to discuss it at the December meeting.  He noted that we need a complete list of all who have keys to the church because the Diocese requires all keyholders to undergo training for the Safeguarding of God’s Children and People. He said that we have not yet received from the Guatemalan (IVE) Church a plan showing dates on which repairs required by the Diocese were or will be completed.  The Rev. Jerry Hanna expressed appreciation of the Morning Prayer Service and its emphasis on leadership in the congregation.  Jerry reported that our landline phone is not working, and Rose will check with Sprint since we are paying for one.  Completed ministries, ongoing ministries and upcoming events were reviewed.                         Thanks! To Hayden Street, Senior Warden, and Jan Trowbridge, Acting, Clerk

***********************************************************************************                             Dates to remember:

Sunday mornings:       8:00 Rite I, 10:00 Rite II, coffee hour following

Monday evenings:       Bible study at 7:00 PM in the parish hall

Meditation 6:30 PM in Jerry’s office

1st Sun. each month:    Loose plate offering goes to organizations such as Hopelink, Compass Housing, or Union Gospel Mission

3rd Sun. each month:    Bishop’s Committee meeting, 12:30 PM in Jerry’s office

Fr. Jerry is available for appointments or to make home visits Fridays 9 AM – 5PM.  His office hours are Wednesday noon to 7 PM.  For an appointment, please call the church office at 206 362-2565.


Special Events

Saturday, December 15: Christmas cleanup 1 to 4 PM

Sunday, December 23: Potluck and Christmas decorating party, 5 to 7 PM

Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve Carols at 9:30 PM and Service at 10 PM

Sunday, December 30: One service at 9 AM, lessons and carols

Sunday, January 28: One service at 9 AM, followed by the annual meeting and potluck


Birthdays in December:                             Anniversaries in December:             

Rose Thygesen                                                            Jerry and Kay Kessel Hanna

Mike KeaneKay

Kessel Hanna

From the Vicar:

Dearly Beloved,

I have been praying the Eucharistic for 33 years. A message that was in plain sight suddenly sprang out. Listen: “As they were eating, Jesus took the bread, and blessed God, and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, and said, “Take, eat, this is my body.” And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink ye all, of this cup, for this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Notice, a fine point, Jesus did not shed his blood for “all,” the great, generalized mass, but for “many,” one, by one, by one, each individual, many of them. We all drink, being many of those who thus receive…what? Jesus took the bread and blessed God, not the bread. The table prayer for Jews is to bless and give thanks to God for the gifts of bread and wine. We can bless God – blessing is baraka. The word for creation is bara, meaning “to cut,” to cut like from like. Blessing, baraka, is to return to God, remove the gap. When we say, “God bless you.” to one another, it is the same as adios, to, in, with, God. And in the Eucharist, we bless with our hearts: “Lift up your hearts…We lift them up to the Lord.” And then we do eucharist, give thanks.

Jesus blessed God for the bread, and gave thanks for the wine, things that come of the Lord, and in blessing are offered back to our God – “of thine own have we given thee.” That is self, bread and wine. But then Jesus blesses God for the bread, God’s own creature, and offers it to us, saying, “This is my body.” Jesus blesses and thanks God that he has flesh and blood given by God to offer, sacrificially, to us as bread and wine. He blesses and thanks God that he may offer himself to his disciples to be consumed.

This means, that to consume Jesus is to be filled with his life, and also, most basically for us, to be made a blessing to God. This is the covenant in his blood, the new “testament.” Testament, literally, is a “will” that disposes property after death. In the will is the basic idea that Jesus will form spiritually anointed and fed disciples to bless, and thus, glorify God. To receive the bread and the wine, offered with thanksgiving to his Father as Jesus’ body and blood, unites us with the Creator in blessing. And the space, and power of blessing is the Holy Spirit: “Sanctify these gifts…and sanctify us also that we may receive…” Here was to me the realization: “I bless you in the union of our love, Father, for this bread, that it is my body you will sacrifice to feed my disciples, and so to unite them with you in blessing.” That’s the deal in the matter of what we call, “incarnation.”





Ditty bags and Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Turkey and Ditty Bag Stuffing was the best ever!  Special guests were John and Liz Bee, who have been long time supporters of the Maritime Ministry.  Thank you all for the great food, ditty bag stuff, and a special thanks to Joan for sewing all the bags.

  • Maureen


Holiday cookies, please!

We will be delivering Christmas cookie plates to our 12 Step groups again this year.  I would appreciate cookies delivered to church by Sunday, December 16 for our groups.   They certainly enjoy them and appreciate them!

  • Thanks, Maureen


Christmas Gifts for clients at Compass Housing (which incorporated HomeStep):

Ideas from Compass Housing:  Fred Meyer gift cards, twin size sheet sets, sweatpants and sweatshirts in sizes XL-XXXL for men and women, thick/athletic socks; stuffed animals for younger kids, large Crayola art kits and other things that combine fun and learning, legos, toys (the folks at Compass make a toy catalog of donated toys they’ve received and parents get to choose).

If you would rather give money than go shopping, Rick and I will be glad to gather the funds together and go buy gift cards at Fred Meyer.

Please bring items (unwrapped) to church by December 9, or call or email to Rick & Peggy Hudson (;; 206 364-6881) to pick up items from you so we can take them to Compass Housing by Friday, December 14.

St. David Emmanuel is always so imaginative and generous with this.  Thank you!

Rick and Peggy Hudson