Important COVID-19 update: In accordance with local and state public health mandates, Bishop Greg Rickel is calling for the closure to the public of all our Episcopal worshipping congregations at least through and including Easter Sunday April 12. St. David Emmanuel will comply with this plan. This applies to all groups who use St. David’s as a meeting place. See the Bishop’s Pastoral letter, below.

Our St. David’s community is strong in spirit, and confident in God’s care for us. We are connecting and reaching out to one another in other ways! More information to come.  Peace +

VISION:   To be a joyful, accepting, growing community, united by reconciling love of God and love for one another, expressed in worship and spiritual growth, in order to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

MISSION:  As a self sustaining mission congregation within the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, we are dedicated to sincere hospitality, prayer, study, pastoral care and outreach.  We worship and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Traditional Episcopal liturgies of the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal.  We welcome everyone to participate in our Worship and Mission.


Hope: A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Rickel